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About Everest Roses

For almost 20 years we have been growing roses on our farms, lovingly nurturing them by hand until they are ready to be passed onto you, to be enjoyed. From the fields we have a spectacular view of Mount Kenya towering over Nanyuki.

Everest Enterprises Ltd was founded in 1988 to grow and export horticultural products. We have been one of the biggest indigenous exporter of fruits and vegetables in Kenya.

In 2014 the company decided to venture into flowers growing at our farm(Chulu) in the Mt. Kenya region at an altitude of 2,150 meters above sea level. This boasts a wonderful micro climate where we grow premium varieties by quality, volume and length.

We have been operating on 7 ha. But recently we increased by 2 ha to make 9 ha. We have 13 varieties on commercial basis with a production of around 20,000 stems per day. Current market zones are Auction(Holland) that take 10% of our production. The rest is direct market. The main regions being Norway, Middle East and Africa. We are looking in to expanding our market to other parts of the globe.


The Flower Team

Today, most of our growing is still carried out by hand, just as it was at the very beginning. Every plant that we sell has been hand-budded, a traditional and intricate skill carried out by our experts millions of times each year.Read More


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